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  • Support for Multiple Devices


Works with just about any device you might have – including your Smart TV, Gaming Console, PC, Tablet or Phone.

  • No Software to Install



Simply change network settings on your device and you are good to go. No software to install

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  • Supports All Your Favorites


Watch all the major services anywhere and change regions as you please. We support 88 different services and more coming.

Would you like to watch all the USA or Canadian Netflix content but you dont live there?


Have you already tried the "free" DNS Codes that are on the Internet but then days or weeks later they fail?


Have you wasted hours of your life configuring consoles or laptops only to pull your hair out?


YES?  Well I have the solution for you........

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Welcome to netflixdns.com.  You have probably come here to find out how to watch several netflix regions on the one device or you may be looking for netflix dns codes?  Well Ive tested many of the free options mentioned on other sites and they don't work.  Netflix DNS has the answer.


I admit I am Tech savvy, I love to mess around with my laptop or playstations trying to get more out of them.  Many people though do not enjoy that and they are probably right, it can be a nightmare.  So after much messing about I found a service that would allow me to watch American and Canadian Netflix as well as 9 more regions without the hassle.  Read on to find out more...




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